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You’ve took part in an amazing journey or had a fantastic car trip. Tell us your story. It’s great fun to share your story and photos with other holidaymakers. Your report can be about anything that made your vacation memory a special experience. Everyone’s trip is different and unique. Share your top emotions with others!

Brussels, Belgium

Opening of the Royal Palace of Brussels Get your chance to visit the Royal Palace and experience how Belgian Royals live. The tradition is such that, when the royal family goes away on holiday, it leaves the doors to its administrative palace wide open so that everyone can admire its treasures (of course for free). Marble floors, crystal chandeliers and period furniture, not to mention the ceremonial room with the ceiling covered in scarab elytra. Magnificent souvenirs from the past and contemporary artists rub shoulders in Koninklijk Paleis of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, which is an...

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Let it snow 2012

A white blanket all across Europe and beyond- Venice, Rome, Palma de Mallorca, Paris, London, Geneva, Kiev and even in Africa with US… The Colosseum, Rome, Italy The Roman Forum, Rome, Italy St. Peter’s Square, Vatican Duomo di Milano, Milan, Italy Venice, Italy Belgrade Good Hope Garden, Belgrade, Serbia Eiffel tower, Paris, France River Neva, St. Petersburg, Russia La Fontaine Bartholdi, Lyon, France Feldberg, Black Forest, Germany Church, Jenisberg, Switzerland Lake Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland Lake Geneva, Versoix, Switzerland Algiers, Algeria Seashore, Mallorca,...

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Olvera, Spain

Olvera, Spain Published by Emma Oliver Olvera is located at a cross roads between the provinces of Cadiz, Malaga and Seville set at a top of 643 meters above sea level. Olvera is definitely a old classic Spanish village, one of the White Towns of Andalusia (Pueblos Blancos). The key monument of the city is itself. Olvera crowned with a neoclassical cathedral, Moorish wall and surrounded hills filled with olive tree. The area gives the best extraction of olive oils in Andalusia, during the last years this sector has received the award of the “Denominación de Origen de la Sierra de...

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Ten Italian paradise islands

Italy Islands Car Hire Top guides you to best islands of Italy for enjoying your life. And remember exploring islands without your own car hire can be a real disappointment. SARDINIA Sardinia, the second biggest island in the Mediterranean Sea, is favored by wealthy holidaymakers, island-hoppers, beautiful tanned people and the odd celebrities. At the same time it’s a holiday location of contrasts – it’s both ancient and modern and laid-back and lively. Sardinia’s key draws – its seashores and nuraghe – definitely need to have your own car hire. The stunning...

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Car Hire Tips

Car Hire Tips Published by Adam Bell Car Hire Top is one of the best ways to get around when travelling and enjoying holidays. Car Hire Top gives you the flexibility to travel wherever you wish plus it means that you will not rely on the public transport system which is often very unreliable and took your valuable time and a ton fo money during holidays. If you opt for car hire with Car Hire Top website make sure you follow these simple tips for your brilliant vacation. Be certain that you book your vehicle well in advance to avoid frustration. Furthermore, it is...

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Venice, Italy

Venice is a persistently beautiful city. At every turn you’re attacked by unforgettable images – tiny bridges crossing crystal clear canals, delivery barges jostling chintzy gondolas, tourists posing under flocks of pigeons. But to minimize Venice to a set of pictures is as impossible as conveying it in sound bites. To explore its romantic and melancholic nature you really need to walk its hidden back lanes. Areas of the Cannaregio, Dorsoduro and Castello sestieri rarely see many travelers, and you can lose yourself for a long time inside the streets between the Accademia and the...

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Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza covers 572km2 and is fairly hilly throughout. It highest peak, Sa Talaiassa, is 475m high. With about population of 100,000 each year Ibiza welcomes 2 million of tourists. Ibiza is the capital and summer haunt of Europe’s beautiful and outrageous society With about population of 100,000 each year Ibiza welcomes 2 million of tourists. Ibiza is the capital and summer haunt of Europe’s beautiful and outrageous society With over 60 first class beaches More than 1000 restaurants And about one hundred nightclubs Paradise on Earth!!! Hippie market Pirate of the Mediterranean...

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Murcia, Spain

  Murcia, a city in south-eastern Spain, stands out as the seventh largest city in the country with a population about half million inhabitants. It is located on the Segura River, famous for a mild climate with hot summers, tepid winters and scarce precipitation. It averages more than 300 days of sun annually Murcia could be described as ‘the real Spain’. However other Spanish provinces might be astonished at the excellence, it is true that Murcia, with its countryside interior, small seaside resorts and dynamic capital, is as authentically Spanish as it gets. A traditional...

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