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Only mention the word ‘Spain’, and it’s almost guaranteed that images of dark-haired flamenco dancers, full of pride bullfighters, and golden seashores bathed in sunlight instantly spring to mind. Nevertheless, those clichéd images only scratch the surface of the country’s individuality. The genuine Spain, fascinating and sophisticated, is a combination of the traditional and the ultra-modern. It’s the ardent festivals, the historic sites plus the unique customs, but it’s also the ground-breaking  artists, the cutting-edge designers and the revolutionary chefs that are earning the country a reputation as one of Europe’s most inventive. Undoubtedly, there’s considerably more to today’s Spain than its tourist brochure picture lets on.

The surroundings is equally as diverse and multifaceted as the culture. Spain is both the rocky shores of the Costa Brava and the desert promontory of Almería. It’s the smooth flatlands of Castilla and the peaks of the Pyrenees. It’s the moist hills of Galicia and the sun-drenched beaches of Mallorca.

This amazing land seemed to be the picturesque backdrop for a long and turbulent history that saw Spain rise to the height of world power, and fall into the darkest poverty. That heritage is seen at every turn, from the ample Roman ruins to the Moorish-influenced Mudéjar architecture and the splendorous medieval cathedrals. For getting around Spain, a car hire will make the best use of your time and help your reach charming places.

Top facts about Car Hire Spain

  • Spain welcomes 50 million tourists a year. The tourist sector accounts for 15% of employment among the active population
  • On October 12th 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America. That day is now a national holiday in Spain
  • Spain is the world’s largest producer of oranges
  • Gibraltar, at the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula, is still claimed by Spain
  • Spain is a country with large autonomous regions: Catalonia, the Basque Country, Galicia and Andalusia, and several official languages

car hire Spain

Car Hire Spain

Spain, the name tells everything. If you genuinely wish to have fun with the best of Spain then there’s no doubt about car hire Spain being the best way to enjoy it to maximum! Surrender your own to the charm of the area and the people and keep blowing together with the breeze in Spain with car rental Spain which guarantees you much flexibility and freedom to dive further into Spanish elegance! With car hire Spain unleash you to the magical country which includes the variety of dynamic Pyrenees region. Spain car rental lets you explore the brilliant secrets of Tenerife, the old-fashioned charms of Malaga, the nightlife of Ibiza, elegance of Murcia or the beautiful and lovely Barcelona.

Considering the variety of adventures in Spain and none to remain ignored you will find car hire Spain the truly amazing method to experience area to top. In case you are having a break in Spain this coming year then you’ve plenty of reasons to be happy about it. One motive for being satisfied already is the fact that car hire Spain offers excellent deals on many models of the car hire this year. You definitely will uncover car hire Spain collection points in countless locations from car hire airports to car hire ski resorts, from car hire islands to car hire mountain tops.

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