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Portugal may be a quieter, calmer place in comparison with its high-spirited neighbour Spain, but it’s far away from dull. Due to the country’s comparative geographic isolation, Portugal has retained a strong and fascinating sense of identity and culture. Within countryside areas you still see women carrying shopping on their heads and, despite the increase in tourism, there are relatively few Tinseltown-style attractions and unknown hotel chains. Furthermore, the coffee remains to be among the best in Europe and it’s not served in Styrofoam with cinnamon on top. The commercial platform is undoubtedly still very traditional, relying largely on fishing, wine and textiles.

However the country still continues to be natural vacation booklet with ancient stone villages, proud historic cities, and coastal resorts that still look more like seafaring towns than Glitzville next to the sea. Portugal is definitely a bargain for travellers as well. You will notice, your euro goes a lot further here than anywhere else in Western Europe.

Top Facts about Car Hire Portugal

  • Portugal is the country with the highest average temperature in Europe (18° C) and the highest number of hours of sunshine per annum
  • Founded in 1143, Portugal is the European country with oldest borders
  • Portuguese is one of the five most widely spoken languages in the world
  • Henry the Navigator set up an efficient sailing school which made possible the great discoveries of Diego Cao, Bartholomew Diaz, Vasco de Gama, Magellan, etc.
  • The Portuguese national holiday, which takes place on 10 June, commemorates the death of famous poet Luis de Camoes, who wrote “Os Lusiadas”, an epic poem on the voyage of Vasco de Gama to India
  • In 1998, a World Exhibition took place in Lisbon on the theme “Oceans: the heritage for the future”. The Ocean Pavilion was build for the exhibition has aqurium with more than 25,000 fishes, birds and mammals

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Car Hire Portugal

Portugal, the name tells everything. If you genuinely wish to have fun with the best of Portugal then there’s no doubt about car hire Portugal being the best way to enjoy it to maximum! Surrender your own to the charm of the area and the people and keep blowing together with the breeze in Portugal with car rental Portugal which guarantees you much flexibility and freedom to dive further into Portuguese elegance! With car hire Portugal unleash you to the magical country which includes the variety of dynamic Pyrenees region. Portugal car rental lets you explore the brilliant secrets of Lisbon, the old-fashioned charms of Porto, the nightlife of Faro, elegance of Funchal or the beautiful and lovely Madeira.

Considering the variety of adventures in Portugal and none to remain ignored you will find car hire Portugal the truly amazing method to experience area to top. In case you are having a break in Portugal this coming year then you’ve plenty of reasons to be happy about it. One motive for being satisfied already is the fact that car hire Portugal offers excellent deals on many models of the car hire this year. You definitely will uncover car hire Portugal collection points in countless locations from car hire airports to car hire ski resorts, from car hire islands to car hire mountain tops.

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