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Few countries in Europe provoke such a passionate panoply of response as La Belle France.  Love it or loathe it, everyone seems to have their own opinion about this Gallic Goliath. Snooty, sexy, superior, chic, infuriating, arrogant, officious and inspired in equal measures, the French have long lived according to their own idiosyncratic rules, and if the rest of the world doesn’t always see eye with them, well, tant pis (too bad) – that’s just the price you pay for being a culinary trendsetter, artistic pioneer and all- around cultural icon.

If ever there was a country of contradictions, this is it. In many ways France is a deeply traditional place: castle, chateaux and ancient churches litter the landscape, centuries-old principles of rich food, fine wine and joie de vivre underpin everyday life, and any decision to meddle with the status quo is guaranteed to bring out half the nation in a placard-waving protest.

But it’s also a place that never seems content to rest on its historical laurels. France has one of most multicultural make-ups of any European country, not to mention a well-deserved reputation for artistic experimentation, and architectural invention. Just take a look at the futuristic Viaduc de Millau or the super fast new AGV (automotrice grand vitesse) trains. And with their vertically challenged, personally-driven, supermodel-marrying president Nicola Sarkozy advocating the need for profound social and industrial change in years to come, there are bound to be a few French fireworks on the horizon.  Take car hire in France and join the party!

Top Facts about Car Hire France

  • France is the largest country in the EU in terms of surface area, but not the most densely populated
  • French men are on average 1.72 m tall. Average height for French women is 1.65 meter. Compared with one century ago, men are 7 cm taller and women 5 cm
  • France has 4 overseas departments, 4 overseas territories and 2 autonomous regions
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Car Hire France

France, the name tells everything. If you genuinely wish to have fun with the best of France then there’s no doubt about car hire France being the best way to enjoy it to maximum! Surrender your own to the charm of the area and the people and keep blowing together with the breeze in France with car rental France which guarantees you much flexibility and freedom to dive further into French elegance! With car hire France unleash you to the magical country which includes the variety of dynamic European region. France car rental lets you explore the brilliant secrets of Paris, the old-fashioned charms of Toulouse, the nightlife of Nice, grace of Marseille or the beautiful and lovely Bordeaux.

Considering the variety of adventures in France and none to remain ignored you will find car hire France the truly amazing method to experience area to top. In case you are having a break in France this coming year then you’ve plenty of reasons to be happy about it. One motive for being satisfied already is the fact that car hire France offers excellent deals on many models of the car hire this year. You definitely will uncover car hire France collection points in countless locations from car hire airports to car hire ski resorts, from car hire islands to car hire mountain tops.

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